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Proof of record for export food production enterprises
According to Article 99 of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China
Export food production enterprises shall ensure that their exported food meets the standards of the importing country (region)
Or the contract requirements and the "Regulations on the Implementation of the Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law
Article 32 The State implements sanitary registration management requirements for import and export food production enterprises.
The “salted casings produced by Changzhou Jintan Casing Co., Ltd.” are in compliance with the “Regulations on the Administration of Recording of Exported Food Production Enterprises”.
Requirements specified in the “Safety and Hygiene Requirements for Export Food Production Enterprises”.
BRC certification
British Retail Consortium (BRC British Retail Consortium)
Is an important international trade association,
Its members include large-scale multinational retail chains, department stores, town stores, online stores and other retailers.
The range of products involved is very wide.
BRC certification has become the choice of suppliers for many European and global retailers such as Australia.
As one of the conditions
It has also become the best standard for suppliers that are widely accepted in many industries.

Six major product quality and safety management and control

1. Critical control point CCP1
       Domestic raw materials need to have animal quarantine certificate, imported raw materials need to have: import health certificate and import certificate, all of which are included in the company's raw material qualified supplier list, and can be purchased as a key control point CCP1


2.Critical Control Point CCP2
 Salt brine preservation casing salinity (24 ± 0.5) salt brine soaking time & ge; 24 hours, as a key control point, namely CCP2

3.Epidemic prevention facilities

Anti-rat and fly-proof insects in all production areas; cleaning, disinfection and epidemic prevention facilities for hands, boots, tools, outer drums, vehicles, etc.

4.Residue and water detection
All nature casings to  EU, each batch of chloramphenicol and nitrofuran testing as required, issued an animal health certificate by CIQ, and additional certificates;

5.Whole process product traceability system
The company strengthens the management and control of the traceability of products from raw materials to processing, storage and shipping:
From the use of raw materials, the use of cleaning guides, workshop production and processing guidelines,  technology procedure card, to the use of packaging identification cards into the library, to the information collection before shipment, make sure that the whole process is in traceable state.

6..staff training

        The company attaches importance to personnel training, hires consultants to train employees and managers, and organizes EU regulations such as EC178, EC852 and EC853.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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